An interactive web experience that senses gestures to create expressionist drip painting with voxel paint blocks. Built with Leap Motion and three.js.

Interaction Guide

Manipulate the canvas with your left hand and paint with your right.

Voxel Fantasy: Gesture Controls
Voxel Fantasy: Gesture Controls

On your right hand, there are voxel paint blocks that stick to your finger joints with different colors from several predefined palettes. You can either dip your fingers onto the canvas, or just through it out! When a flying paint block lands on the canvas, it will leave a colorful splash.

While you are making your art, the left hand can move or pivot the canvas, adding lots of randomness and fun to the outcome. Take your time and make cool paintings!



This work is completed under the course Kinetic Interfaces taught by J.H. Moon at NYU Shanghai.

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