Hi 👋 , this is Yufeng, an experienced technology tinkerer standing at the intersection of humans and computers.

I am passionate about exploring the recently possible with expressive technologies and creating meaningful experiences with a human-centered approach.

I enjoy expressing myself and solving problems by turning technicality into experiences, designs... and sometimes arts!

Creative problems require creative solutions...
Creative solutions require creative approaches!

Most recently during my time studying HCI at CMU, I find myself building creative prototypes in the research phase more than end solutions. With my previous experience in multimedia production and programming, I can rapidly build experience-ready prototypes for users to react to, prior to further investment.


2022-Present, UX Engineer, InterDigital (MHCI Capstone)

2022-Present, UX Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University, Morphing Matter Lab

2022, VR Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University, Augmented Perception Lab

2021-Present, Front-End Developer, NYU Shanghai, Humanities Research Lab

2020-2021, Associate Fellow, NYU Shanghai, Interactive Media Arts

2020, Adjunct Research Associate of Telepresence, NYU Shanghai, Interactive Media Arts

2019, Creative Technologist Intern, OUTPUT, Shanghai


2022, Carnegie Mellon University, Master of HCI, School of Computer Science.

2020, New York University Shanghai, BSc, Interactive Media Arts & Computer Science.

Honors / Awards

2022, Student Design Competition Winner, ACM SIGCHI

2018, Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund Scholarship, NYU Shanghai


Qiao Tang, Xinmu Hu, Ziwen Zeng, and Yufeng Zhao. 2022. Co-Orb: Fostering Remote Workplace Gratitude with IoT Technology. In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts (CHI EA '22). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, Article 488, 1–6.


2021, China Residencies, Film and VR Fellowship, online

2021, Freeport Institute, Signals & Storms Laboratory, online


2021, Temporal Stack: The Deep Sensor, 上空间 Upper Gallery, Research Centre of Contemporary Visual Art, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang, China (made with art collective NDOI)

2021, Unlinked. NYU Shanghai, Shanghai

2020, Console.log, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai.

2020, ITP/IMA Spring Show, online

2019, Future Lab, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai