An interactive installation that mirrors the audience's face onto their palms, allowing them to warp the perception of self with hand movements.


The installation was realized using Processing and OpenCV to process two real-time camera feeds – one for the face and another one for the palm.

Face (on the) Palm
Face (on the) Palm

As the face is projected onto the palm, moving your hands will distort the imagery.

Projection Mapping
Projection Mapping

The top camera captures the hands' contour and generates a mask for the bottom camera. Thus, the imagery of the audience's face can be projected precisely onto the palm.

Experimenting visuals with MANY faces
Original installation at NYU Abu Dhabi


2019, Future Lab, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai


This work is completed under the course Sensors, Body, & Motion taught by Aaron Sherwood at NYU Abu Dhabi.

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