Tang Long 唐龙

Summer 2018

Project Brief

A short documentary on a mid-age gay couple in Shanghai.

Funded by Dean's Undergraduate Research Foundation at NYU Shanghai. Won the "Popular Choice Award" for the foundation‘s symposium.

Screened at CRITICA Festival.

Director: Jingtian Zong
DoP: Yufeng Zhao
Co-Producers: Jingyi Wang, Jianghao Hu, Ziwei Liu
Editors: Jingtian Zong, Yufeng Zhao
Mentor: Ann Chen

Shot in Summer 2018

Research Background

Our team was particularly interested in the mid-age LGBTQ communities in the context of Shanghai, one of the most culturally inclusive cities in China. We reached out to many groups and organizations for further research.

The final documentary turned out to be feature one character - Tang Long. However, extensive footages have covered many more subjects including the Shanghai Pride Festival 2018 and frequent customers form the Lai Lai Dance Hall, the owner of which hosts one gay exclusive day per week.

Parents of LGBTQ Parade as Support

ShanghaiPride Festival 2018

Interviewing Sha Sha in a Tea House

Hongkou District, Shanghai, 2018

Interviewing Niu Jie (Sister Niu) in a Tea House

Hongkou District, Shanghai, 2018

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