Pixel Fantasy

Spring 2018

Project Brief

Pixel Fantasy is a web-based interactive experience powered by Leap Motion and three.js.

It provides a canvas which you can manipulate with the left hand while painting with the right hand. There are paint drops sticks to your finger joints with different colors from several palettes. As your right hand moves, the paint drops will fly away and then leav imprints at the moment they hit the canvas. Also, your left hand is able to rotate and move the canvas while your right hand painting. You can create cool spray paintings with this fun interaction.

Try it out with this link (Hosted on Github). 
A Leap Motion plugged will be required.

Designed & Implemented by Yufeng Zhao & Wenhe Li.
Instructed by Jung Hyun Moon.

Done in Spring 2018 for Kinetic Interfaces at NYU Shanghai.

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