Holo Reader

Spring 2018

Project Brief

An augmented reality app based on Microsoft Hololens.

Holo Reader is designed to bridge the reading experiences in between print books and e-books.

It expands the print book into the virtual space with augmented reality and computer vision, which provides functionalities, such as quick look-up and synchronization with e-books. It helps the user to make the best of both world with the coherent experience.

Designed by Yufeng Zhao.

Prototyped by Chongling Zhu, Dingsu Wang, Wenhe Li, Yijie Zou and Yufeng Zhao.

Done in Spring 2018 for HackNYU 2018 Hackathon.

Implementation (Prototype)

The prototype implementation is an AR application developed for Microsoft Hololens using Unity 3D and the AR platform Vuforia. There is also a back-end server implemented with Python (Flask) to handle data transfer and image processing.

The prototype is implemented by Chongling Zhu, Dingsu Wang, Wenhe Li, Yijie Zou and Yufeng Zhao for HackNYU 2018. Check out the source code on Github.

Word Look-up

Recognize the word where the user's finger tip points. Look up and display the definition of the word in Hololens hologram.

Synchronize Marks

Recognize the excerpts being marked by a specific color and synchronize the marked texts onto a digital version.

This function is not fully implemented in this prototype due to lack of E-Book API.

Data Flow of Prototype Implementation

Other works

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