Disco Cube

Spring 2018

Project Brief

Dicso Cube is an interactive installation powered by Microsoft Kinect and Processing.

Check out the source code on Github with this link.
To run it, you will need a windows computer with a Microsoft Kinect plugged in.

Designed & Implemented by Yufeng Zhao & Wenhe Li.
Instructed by Jung Hyun Moon.

Done in Spring 2018 for Kinetic Interfaces at NYU Shanghai.

Disco Cube is a dancing visualization platform that shares old users' dance while the current user is dancing in a kinetic way. All the motions are presented in a dynamic point cloud particle system. The motion of the current user will take partial control over the recorded old users' motion, which creates a leading and following experience.

The final installation was presented in the form of projection mapping — three projectors were used to present the visuals onto a DIY wood piece.

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