3D Type Reconstruction of The Second Round of Simplified Chinese

Fall 2019 | Mini Project

Project Brief

A mini research project on the a specific period of history of Chinese Characters - the second round of simplified Chinese. The project focus on the potential practices concerning cultural heritage preservation.

Introduced in 1977 and abolished in 1986, the Scond Round of Simplified Chinese is considered a failure in the Chinese written characters reform, at least compared with the first round on which the contemporary standards based on. However, the intention and methodology involved in the second round was solid, when the reform on characters was considered a continuous endeavor.

The project is finally presented in informative slides and digital fabrication results.

Implemented by Yufeng Zhao.
Instructed by Dr. Wu-wei Chen on Digital Heritage.

Done in Fall 2019 for NYU Shanghai Interactive Media Arts Program.

Research - History of Chinese Characters

Production - Experiment with Digital Fabrication

Using Format